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A Secret to Flavorful Cooking Revealed: Dutch Ovens

A Dutch Oven:  What Is It?
Winter makes us long for comfort food, the kind that you cook long and slow.  The meals that stick to your ribs to get you through a week of sub-zero temperatures like we are expecting in South Dakota this week.  If you desire to produce deep, rich, flavorful fare, you need a particular type of cooking vessel.  In America, this pot goes by the name of a Dutch Oven. If you aren’t familiar with a Dutch oven by name, you very likely are by sight. If you see a deep pot made of thick metal with smooth sides topped by a tight-fitting lid, you’re probably looking at one. Cooks since the 1600s have seared, fried, steamed, boiled, braised and baked in this workhorse kitchen tool.  The cast iron pots work their magic by distributing heat very evenly, resulting in a moister dish with less chance of burning.  Inventive Dutch metalworkers developed a technique for casting metals in molds made of dry sand instead of the old wet clay method.  The quality of this raw cast iron…

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